Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A to Z of Beauty

A-Z of Beauty - lovingly inspired by YouTube's FleurDeForce

Here is my fabulous A to Z of all my preferred brands, plus my favourite product within that brands collection.
Apologies I couldnt think of one for every letter of the alphabet, but with two kiddiwinks, I will fill in the gaps later.


A is for Avon, and I adore their eyebrow definer in blonde. It is fantastic for my transulcent blonde brow hairs without being too dark or ginger

B is for Barry M. Love his liquid eyeliner in black for that gorgeous cat-eye flick

C is for Clarins, and love to treat myself to their light hydrating moisturiser

D is for DKNY. Be delicious with their Be Delicious perfume, fab for a daytime scent

E is for Eyelure and their fluttery faux eye lashes

F is for

G is for

H is for Hugo Boss. Their Deep Red perfume is seductive for night time outings

I is for

J is for

K is for

L is for Lancome and their Juicy Tubes

M is for MAC, of which I'm still a virgin

N is for

O is for OPI. Adore their entire nail varnish collection

P is for P2, and their awesome Universe eyeshadow range

Q is for

R is for Rimmel. Love several of their products, including their kohl eye liner in steel grey, and the Stay Matte liquid foundation and powder

S is for Simple, and their convinient face wipe packs, great for travelling

T is for TIGi and their Queen for a Day volumising spray





Y is for YSL and their Touche Eclait

Z is for zzzzz. There is nothing quite like beauty sleep

Thanks for reading, ciao xxx

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