Saturday, 8 September 2012

My fabulous purchases of today

Had to trek to the enourmous supermarket today as Miss S had outgrown all her sleepsuits and her sleeping bag! Even though she was born an entire month early, I think she has now caught up in weight, yippee! Must take her to the baby clinic to get her weighed to double check.

Anyway, whilst grabbing the necessities, I spotted the most gorgeous winter accessory possible for a baby.....the lightest shade of pink wooly hat with a cute panda face sewn in and little ears on top! It even had matching mittens. Fabulous at only £5!

Still a little big for her, so will add pictures of Miss S wearing it when winter rolls around in a month or two.

I also heard about the new flavour of Baileys's.....Orange Truffle. How bloomin' delicious does that sound! So, I had to find it....I did....and it's lush. Tastes like a melted alcoholic orange truffle. Perfection in a sip.

I understand it's only available for a limited time in Tescos only. It was "only" £15 today - not sure if that was a special offer or not. Such a fabulous girly drink. Enjoy ladies!

Ciao xxx