Monday, 13 December 2010

My weekend!

Hi everyone,

I hope we all have a marvellous weekend! I certainly did! Tristan had a play-date on Friday afternoon, then on Saturday evening hubby and I entertained some friends with a yummy Italian-themed dinner. Then, the finale on Sunday was going to the Poing Wildpark in Munich to feel Santa's reindeers!

While shopping for nibbles for the play-date, I found these most adorable penguin marshmallow lollies in the PennyMarkt. Scoff scoff!

And, again, in the PennyMarkt, I found these fabulously Italian themed foods! Perfect additions to my pizza and pasta themed evening.
The balsamic vinegar crisps were delicious - like a very delicate salt and vinegar crisps back in the UK.
And the Tiramisu cake was soft, creamy with just the right amount of coffee-flavour. If I was too buy this another time, it would have to be served with a scoop of real-vanilla ice-cream. Mmmmm.

And feeding the reindeers on Sunday in the snow was such a lovely family moment! Lots of fantastic family photos of the friendly reindeer coming up and feeding out of our hands (and also pigs and goats!). Most of the animals are loose so they will come up to you with delight.

So, that was a lovely weekend. I have my friends visiting for a week on Wednesday, so should have lots of touristy photos to share! heehee.

Ciao. x

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