Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New makeup haul

Hi everyone,

I've just been to DM (the German equivilent of Superdrug) to stock-up on some baby food now that the snow has started falling here in Munich, and naturally, scoped out the make-up section!

It's now been 16-months since my little boy was born, and as I'm only 25 years old, it's time I started on the road to become a yummy mummy, just like I was before he come along, heehee.

I found three beautiful shades by the makeup brand, P2, under there new Universe range.

Dramatic Moon (070) is a bright blue shade, with delicate light swirls of silver and white.

Flirty Venus (080) is a dusky pink, again, pigmented with hints of silver and white.

Rich Mars (040) is a goldy-bronze-browny colour.

To make these colours even more vibrant, you can mix with a teeny-tiny drop of water and apply.

My fourth purchase is Aquadisiac (183) by L'Oreal Paris Chrome Intensity range. A fabulous bright and gently shimmering colour in between turquise and sea-green.

I've been meaning to update my makeup collection, and these four fabulous colours have started me off nicely! Although I will never change my mascara (Rimmel London Glam Eyes in black which does wonders for my short lashes. They make them thicker and slightly longer and make me almost doe-eyed!) I do need some more lipsticks, which is a very new thing for me. I've always been a tinted gloss girlie so to find some lovely day-time and night-time (my perfect red lip!) lip colours will help me feel my face is perfect and finished.

Over the summer I did have fun with brightly-coloured eye pencils (used them instead of eye shadow due to the instense summer heat, and really enjoyed looking so colourful). Purple and the turquise seemed to be made for me and my summer outfits.

When I returned from my last flight back into Germany, I stopped off at the Benefit cosmetic counter and picked up Benefit Lemon-Aid, which does a fab job on my slightly dark circles. Almost an essential for us mums! More on this product later!


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